A Guide To Buying Art Online

If you have never bought any art online, you might be wondering where to start, after all there are hundreds of different sites out there selling prints, water colours, inks and oil paintings. Like anything, there are people out there who will overcharge you and not provide a good service, but if you stick to a trusted website you should not encounter any problems.

Auction Sites

Auction sites are very popular when it comes to art for the home, and without a doubt eBay is the most popular, although there are others. The trick to buying art for and auction site is not to get carried away in a bidding war with somebody else who wants the same item. Set a maximum bid that you are happy to go to and do not go over it. Another thing to look closely at is the feedback of the seller. If they have anything under a 95% positive rating, I would personally not buy from them, although that is a decision that you have to make for yourself. You should also establish whether you are buying from a person or a dealer, as this will help you work out how trustable they are. Finally, check the shipping details, because many individuals will only allow you to pick the items up in person, especially if they are larger prints or paintings and have a frame.

Ebay Art

Online Art Stores

Just some of the most respected an trusted online art stores include;

  • Art.co.uk

  • Artgallery.co.uk

  • Art.com

There are many others and if you come across one that you have never heard of before it it wise to check for reviews on sites such as Facebook, Google and Trust Pilot.

Often online art stores will have discount sales, seasonal promotions and special offers when you can save quite a bit of money, so there are well worth looking out for. Some well known stores regularly promote vouchers and discounts on third party sites, and it can be a good idea to check these before you commit to a purchase.

art stores

Shopping For Frames

If you have purchased a print without a frame, there are a number of stores which specialise in framing and it can often be cheaper to buy the frame separately from the print. Just some of the most respected framing websites are:

  • Ezeframe

  • Picture Frames Express

  • Eframe

Making sure that you have the exact correct dimensions of your painting or print is essential, as often your frame will be made to fit, especially in sizes that are not standard. Simply take a look on any of these sites and you will find a wide variety of styles and designs to choose from and the pricing can be anywhere from under £50 to thousands of pounds, depending on what you choose.