Photography: Unearthing the Image Art


Ever since the early age of man where images of people hunting wild animals were drawn on cave walls, we’ve been astounded how our ancestors were able to craft such vivid images. It wasn’t until the existence of photography that converted this simple drawing into a form of art for everyone to enjoy.

But what do we really know when it comes to the art of photography? Surprisingly, there’s more to what meets the eye when it comes to different types of photography. Here are just some of the many examples.

Monochrome Photography

Monochrome photography has been around for quite some time now. It’s more than just presenting images in black-and-white. The whole point of this particular art is to navigate the texture, description, tour, and contour of the subject. It also showcases the beauty and aesthetic aspects of the image being portrayed. Two essential components seen in monochrome photography that brings out the best in every subject are its highlights and shadows. If properly utilized, then great images can be captured.


Action-Based Photography

This particular photography could be involve a photographer taking snaps of an active event. It can range anywhere from sporting events to children’s activities. This would involve manipulating the shutter speed to “freeze” the action taking place or slowing it down to give off a “blurry” impression.

Action shots of professional athletes, wild animals in motion, and objects that are constantly moving opens up excellent photographic opportunities. The challenging aspect is capturing quality shots of mobile object.

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography functions well if you intend to capture images in cityscape or landscape. Not everyone can afford an air plane or a helicopter to make this happen. But spectacular effects can be captured when standing on top of skyscrapers or in picturesque areas like hills or mountains. While this particular photography may be out of reach, it never hurts to create an aerial “illusion” to show off great images.

Travel Photography

Travel photography is more than just taking pictures while out on a holiday. It involves capturing that “feel” and “essence” of the holiday destination. It involves telling stories of locals, culture, and the beautiful landscape. Capturing the mood and setting is critical when dabbing into travel photography.

Water-Based Photography

Water-based or underwater photography can now be done by a lot of people today —- thanks for affordable underwater/waterproof cameras. Regardless if it involves taking shots in an ocean, river, or at home in a pool, water-based photography can be thrilling and exciting. One challenging aspect in taking shots underwater is the limiting factors that get in the way (lighting, angle, moving parts, and etc…). But how you deal with these restrictions will largely depend on one’s photography skills and adapting to underwater conditions.

These are just some photography examples that one can discover. Working in the photography world involves a segregation of categories and sub-categories. So it takes a great deal of exploration to find out which one suits a photographer best. In the meantime, it’s all about using the digital camera, playing around with it, and perfecting shots of the subject chosen.