Hello, I’m glad you made it.

My name is Axela Norton, and I have always been attracted to the world around me. If you take the time to stop and look, you will find that it is beautiful and has so much to offer.

Simply look around and you will see what I mean. Fields of green and gold, butterflies floating past, majestic mountains, ancient trees, frocking rabbits, soaring birds, bright blue skies, deep grey seas. It’s all there for us to witness and appreciate, but we simply just don’t take the time.

My blog is about how to refocus back on what’s around us and find the best ways to appreciate out surroundings. What better way that to photograph, paint or draw what we see. This makes us take a step back and open our eyes to the beauty that this world has to offer.

I will be sharing my own insights, offering advice and taking a good look at some of the most beautiful places in the world. I will also through in the odd article about photography, painting and drawing techniques… and the rest is up to you.


So, next time you are out in this beautiful world, stop, breathe, listen, and above all, look at all the wonders that surround you – then find your inner artist and recreate its beauty in your own, special way.